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smiles! [Mar. 19th, 2004|08:32 pm]



Name: Coughdrop (ahem, Victoria)
Age: 15
Location: Ontario Canada
Taste in Music (bands/genres): I will listen to ANYTHING that catches my ear. My shuffled playlist right now is
Transmission- Joy Division
Kiss the Bottle- Jawbreaker
Holidae Inn- Chingy + Snoop Dogg (shut it... it's a funny song)
Last Caress- The Misfits
May I Have This Dance? - Penfold
Fave Movie: I can't choose. SLC Punk, Rocky Horror, Hedwig
Hobbies: Deconstructing Clothes, Stencilling, Playing Instruments, Reading.
Fave Color: Green
Lyric That Means The Most To You: love will tear us apart- joy division
song title/lyric.
What You Think Is Cute About Your Smile: With three years of orthodontics it better be cute dammit! and I don't smile that often so when I do I guess it looks cute.
Where You Promoted thecutestsmiles: I will promote it in oh_so_hott, I guess.
*Add Your Own Question* Good Charlotte or 50 Cent? Good Charlotte. I'd rather have kids running around in hoodies that say "punk royalty" than thinking a "ho" or "bitch" is a reasonable job aspiration.

biggish smile. (with dinosaur shaped towel in background)

This is sort of a smile I guess.

Slanty smile. yo.

No smile!


[User Picture]From: emmi1241
2004-03-19 06:47 pm (UTC)
yes because of your biggy smiley!!!!

Good job :)

Not too much of a fan of the other pictures though.

You've got this look i like!!!

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[User Picture]From: ifyouleft
2004-03-20 11:27 am (UTC)


Your gorgeous, I liked your own question that ya added..and..just OFCOURSE<3

Welcome. Vote&Promote. :)
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