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Mod- Piccies!! [Mar. 26th, 2004|07:04 pm]

This is me on the tele with my mom!

I love caboodles! This is my caboodles glitter <3

This is my caboodles lipgloss ;)

me and cornelius formerly known as lucius jr!!

hehe! This is my stuffed animal, which is obviously a dog.. kibbles!!

Look the the left!

sorry about this being so dark, that monkey (if you can see him) is monkeyman or lucius jr jr (thank-you alana for them name)!

I'm still on the phone but I'm biting my President Bear lol!!

I flipped my hair over my head! awesome eh? my face looks really pale..it was the stupid camera!!

another flip!


me and my bears!!

i found the little gold banadana-ish thing at my old skool today..i went to say hi!

This is my favourite picture today <3


the end!