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Good&Bad. Accepted&Rejected.

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Welcome to thecutestsmiles!

This community was created because of my obsession with smiles. I must be the only one. ;)

NOTE: Breaking any of these rules will result in automatic rejection. You would be able to reapply within a week, that should be enough time to READ THE RULES.<3

1.) In your application, be honest.
2.) USE AN LJ-CUT FOR EVERYTHING. (Application&Pictures.)
3.) Be able to take some critisism.
4.) You must have a cute smile.
5.) In all pics, you must be wearing conservative clothes. We don't want to see your cleavage, kthxdie.
6.) You can be a boy or girl to join.
7.) You may only post pictures of YOURSELF.
8.) Do not vote until you're accepted. (IF you're accepted.)
9.) Bold the questions.
10.) Please put on the subject line "Smiles!" to prove you read the rules.
11.) Do not put anything else other than what I asked of on the subject line.
12.) Don't bitch at the voters or mod(s).
13.) You must post a pic of your smile.
14.) 4 Pictures is a minimum, and please keep them at a moderate size. If they're too big I'll ask you to resize them.
15.) Stamped members aren't allowed to be extremely rude, but can be a little honest. If I think what a stamped member said was a little too rude, I'll warn them.

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What is your...
Taste in Music (bands/genres):
Fave Movie:
Fave Color:
Lyric That Means The Most To You:
What You Think Is Cute About Your Smile:
Where You Promoted thecutestsmiles:
*Add Your Own Question*

Pics: (minimum of 4)
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Accepted Stamp:

Rejected Stamp:

Sorry for the lack of creativity, if anyone wants to make some, it's appreciated<3

MORE accepted/rejected signs found here. :)

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New community, be patient.